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    Ningbo Dingxin Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of international standard synchronous belts and synchronous pulleys. And operating various types of machinery parts. Stamping parts. Rubber products. Plastic products. The company has advanced production equipment, professional and technical staff, all kinds of testing equipment, complete equipment; and there is an independent research and development and manufacturing of various types of professional products and technology personnel.

    The company uphold the integrity-based corporate purposes, carry forward scientific and technological innovation, excellence, integrity eternal, quality-oriented enterprise spirit, with quality management as the fundamental, customer satisfaction as the core, through rapid response to meet changing customer needs, through technological innovation , management innovation and research and development of high-tech products, and constantly improve the technical content of products and service quality.

    The company has done its best to welcome your guidance, cooperation, and seek common development!